Sunday, 26 June 2011

How to enlarge your shoe!

I bought this pair of shoes last week. Its the last pair in the stall, its a bit tight though my foot could fit in but I bought it anyway coz I like the color. I did something to make them fit better. Since this shoes is make of plastic leather, it will get softer and could be pull larger when its hot. So I use my hair dryer to blow it until its soft enough, then I stuff in lots of paper to enlarge it. Then set it to cool with the paper in it so that the shape stays that way after its cold. I did this for a few times and the shoes could fit me nicely after that.  I have to be careful when doing this becoz it gets really hot when its soft.   

Of course its not avisible to wear shoes which are tight for your feet but in my case I just can't resist it so I use this method to enlarge it. You could try this method incase the shoes you like is a bit tight for your foot.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

my friend said

My friend told me the other day that one of her friend said this:

"I'm such a wonderful person to know, but what people see on me is how I wear and ...."