Tuesday, 19 April 2011

If I own a house, I want it to have a sewing room, gym with wall of mirror, reading room with comfy chair, kitchen well equipt, bedroom with soft bed and wardrobe big enough to keep all my cloths, bathroom with a hot shower, living room with a big sofa and big window looking to the green garden full of flowers. (^.^) can?

Monday, 18 April 2011

Other people problem...

Sometimes when you are living in a society, you can't stop yourself being label or sort into groups of people. You might wonder why this happened. But then you just can't help it, people just group you up. Alright, then issues strike one of your group members, guess're were one of the group member and you're involved too. Either you like it or not you will be drag into the hell others creates. You might get scolding out of a sudden, you might get into a sudden blame or worst ignored and denied of your right just because you were one of the group member. What can you say about this...nothing...coming to the worst, good things that your group members had done won't be acknowledge as yours but only blame and issues. This is the world, so when you are trying to get into a group think twice.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I'm reaching 30 in aproximately 2 years time. My body is getting older, all the body part and system is aging but my heart is still as young as I want it to be. I might look old outside but I like to jump like kids do when I'm happy, laugh hard for the simplest joke, smile when I want to smile, sleep as much as I could, talk to anyone I want and on whatever topic I'm interested in, throw a little bit of tantrum but not a big one and get pampered by people around just like kids would. People who are older than me or married or a bit mature thinking than me might not be able to accept the way I'm. Just leave me if you can't accept it and don't get jelous when someone could accept me. I can't change the way I choose to be just because of your perception towards me. I accept you as who you are and did not try to change you not because of you are perfect, it is because I respect you.

People who respect others will be a better friend. Respect makes the world a better place.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Once upon a time...

I saw a guy that I used to admire few days a go. In my memory he is charming and I remember I did some crazy things to gain his attention. That day, when I met him at the supermarket, I did not wish the time to stop so that I can admire him nor wish to get his attention. What happened was, I look at him the way I would look at a stranger. He is not charming as he used to be. He is now fat and he wears a pair of spectacles which makes him look 10 years older. Ahh...I feel release that I'm not with him now or then.