Tuesday, 24 May 2011

From a book I read today!

The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone.
page 50, line 8-9, the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Another set of cloths

Here are another 5 pieces of cloths I bought but still I haven't decide what to do with it. Thinking of some tube dresses and skirts. The problem here is I never sew a dress before so I'm afraid might spoil these nice cloths.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My new set of cloths

I saw all these cloths in the shop...they were so pretty...hawaiian style print and bright colour the way I like it so I just take them all but I haven't figure out what to do with them. Any idea? perhaps with some pattern and how to sew them. (^.^)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I read somewhere...

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others, for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone

-Audrey Hepburn-


How we respond to a situation shows our character. The same situation given to different people would end up with different outcome. This does not shows that one is incapable of handling a situation but it shows that different people have different justification for the same situation. There are a lots of principle exist in this world, its up to the people to choose which principle they want to follow and this create different characteristic people!

Monday, 16 May 2011

The reader

          Recently I watched a movie titled "The Reader". It's so touching. If love like this exist. It's about a boy, not just a normal naughty boy, but a boy who is briliant and from a respected family in the age of 15 fallen in love with a lady twice his age who could be his mother. The story was just so romantic.
          Every time they both meet, the lady will ask the boy to read for him before they make out. The lady get so touchy whenever the boy read her story from books. One day the boy took her for a trip some where, planning everything for both of them on the journey. They stop by at a place to eat, the cafe owner told the boy "hope your mother enjoys her meal" and look at them with suspicious look. This is where I like the boy so much hehe...... He told the owner "yes, I'm sure she is" and he walk to the lady and kiss her in front of the owner. Wow! imagine a boy with a man bravery. Would my man do this to save me from the eyesight of disgust stranger? hopefully he would.
          The boy is really in love with this lady but with hesitant this lady draw back and went away to another place leaving this boy stranded with his pain for her love, groping to live on without her. Until 8 years passes and they met again in a court trial for her crime and the boy as a law student observing the nazi crime trial. Then the story starts again...
          People who like love story, please grab this movie. It will be a nice romantic one.

Lesson no. 4

          Recently met someone interesting. He is not handsome, not highly educated and I don't even know who he is. But we start to contact often . I mean everyday and night for a month now. I start to like the way he talks to me.          
          In my mind I'm asking is this guy falling in for me or what? Well, I'm thinking about this guy often too. Each time I start to think of him he will contact me. Is this call mind wave? Am I connected to him? Things might have been gone too far...this is just my thought, nothing but my perception. This guy is not falling for me...he is trapping me into falling for him as a game.
          I don't know who he is betting with, perhaps someone I knew that hated me so much and send him to prank me because yesterday is due 1 month I met him, and he is not the same anymore...he is reluctant to reply message, did not call at all. Did not even reply my message at night. Well, this brings me back to lesson no. 4, Never trust the first sentence the guy says that he likes you (that's not love, they are just baiting you with words) 
          Guys like to play with girls psychology. I trust too easily, perhaps I will never know who is up to with this prank. But he made me remember that guy who ask his friends to video tape me and him during my first meet up and scolded me badly for I found out what he did to me.
          Perhaps someone up there is playing with my love life. Sending me into lion mouth everytime I need some care and love.

Vintage pattern book

Recently found my moms old sewing pattern book. Its vintage style. Very pretty. I love those pattern but I cant sew it myself so what I did was I went to my taylor and ask if she could sew me those pattern. She could so I proceed to choose cloths that I want and I had sended those cloths to the taylor. Let's see the outcome in 2 more weeks. I can't wait for my first vintage dress to come out. Hopefully it turns out as nice as the picture in the sewing books.

Few things I learn from people around me.

I have so many types of friends or urm should I call them acquaintance? Well, what I learn from them were:
1. Always mind your own bussiness (or else you will get into trouble)
2. Never try to go near someone who try to use you (you may get the poisonous strike)
3. Always trust the first sentence the guy says about what he doesn't want and doesn't like(that's the boundry they make with you)
4. Never trust the first sentence the guy says that he likes you (that's not love, they are just baiting you with words)

Out of my free time!

Been thinking a lot lately and been away from this block for a while. Now I have so many things to share, my thoughts mainly and my experiences. Shall place all my thoughts and expereinces into little little topics so you can choose to read whichever sounds interesting to you. Hopefully this can ease your boredom and not to bore you. Ehem...ehem...