Friday, 26 August 2011

Handmade recycle stamps book

Stamps book cover

 Inside stamps book

I made this stamps book for my stamps collection years ago (about 12 or 13 or more years ago). I found it while searching through my old cupboard. Anyone out there still collect stamps? I wonder...ehem...I still do. It tooks me a lot of time to make this stamps book because I need to cut the pieces of card board into the same size (I use recycle cardboard) plus cutting and arranging the stamps pockets on each page and finally glue them together into a book. The glueing part is not as hard as the cutting part. But I'm statisfied with the product. hehehe...(^.^)

I love making stuff when I'm free. I remember I made a few diaries from my old school exercise book (which I feel wasted if I throw it away for recycle, so I recycled them my own way). I cut out the unused pages and stick them together into one book. I made 3 out of the scrap papers. My diaries are real thick because I like thick books. hehe...I write a lot back then but not so much now. I can't show you all the diaries because it was in a bad shape now, there was a flood one year and the water rose real high eveything in my house were gone so there goes my diaries.

Hope this recyle stamps book inspire you to create something nicer than mine!!

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