Friday, 30 September 2011


It's a depressing month for me. I hope that everything will be better tomorrow.

The first incident in this month that depressed me was being ignored by a friend who I thought share thoughts and opinions with me, a person who had came into my life to keep me accompany when I'm in need. But this person is not there for me anymore and I have no idea why.

The second incident was being compared with a beloved decease friend and being labeled as an ungrateful person tears my heart apart. Perhaps the person who utters all those things does not mean this but the way the words are uttered makes them send those messages to me. “You are incomparable with this person and you are so ungrateful”

Third incident was, this year I realize that I had not much true friends left around me. Or to say it in another word, I don’t have much true friends all this while. The only bunch of friends who wishes me and really care that “hey, it’s your birthday” was getting lesser this year. I’m a bit lost thinking where have those friends gone?

    The fourth incident was I had to change my tire because someone put a 2 inches long nail on the road and puncture my tire. It causes me to dig out the little money that I had to change a new one.

     The fifth incident was after all these things happened yet I had no one to talk to. Even if I have they can’t seems to help much. It is still up to me to work them out. Frankly, I’m tired of being alone doing handling all the stuff good and bad that happened to me. I’m going crazy.

    The sixth incident was I lost my beloved tissue holder while eating in a cafĂ©. I search for it, ask around but no one seems to notice that small tissue holder. It’s handmade by my sister and it’s one and only that you couldn’t buy anywhere. I had been using it for 5 years and now it’s gone. Someone took it without asking.

    This list can go longer with those entire bad incidents that happened to me this month but these are the major one which really depressed me and squeeze the tears out of my eyes. It’s really a bad month for me. I wish that something nice will happened to me soon. A real nice thing.

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